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 Born from the stream 





The project is located on the riverside green belt of Yuxi High Speed Rail Sponge New City. In ancient times, Yuxi was named after its water, with a clear flow like jade and a rich water network system. Now, as a gateway hub for China to South Asia and Southeast Asia, Yuxi High Speed Rail New City has entered the "high-speed rail era", and a more updated, modern, and ecological garden city plan is vividly on paper.

 设计策略   Design Strategy


A Park that Will Grow: Based on the ecological concept of sustainable development, the design team hopes to use "water" as a clue to create a "growing landscape" park, providing a modern urban life concept of "water friendly and lively" for all ages, and an energy field that can draw strong vitality from water.

建立情感力:设计师提取高铁元素,应用极具现代感的直线、折线等设计语汇,营造朝气蓬勃的空间氛围;以水为媒,在水之上,规划“启程广场” “新干线折桥”“林樾花溪”“温馨花园”“水岸氧吧”五个主题场景,还原玉溪过去与未来的在地特色景观,建立场地与当地居民的情感链接。

Building emotional power: Designers extract high-speed rail elements and use modern design vocabulary such as straight and broken lines to create a vibrant spatial atmosphere; Using water as a medium and above the water, plan five themed scenes: "Qicheng Square", "Shinkansen Fold Bridge", "Linyue Flower Creek", "Warm Garden", and "Water Bank Oxygen Bar" to restore the local characteristic landscape of Yuxi in the past and future, and establish emotional connections between the site and local residents.


Stimulating scene power: Users participate and find new answers for familiar spaces. Sunshine grassland, oxygen bar under the forest, viewing boardwalk, interactive installations... It's fun to watch, and this park inspires all ages to enjoy it. The journey of strolling along the waterfront begins here.



 Living near a stream 


As the entrance display interface for this case and also the future urban planning hall, the designer breaks the limitations of limited physical space, blends the clear water surface with the geometric three-dimensional white building, and seeks freedom through nature, creating a sense of breathing in the space.


The smooth paving and linear lighting not only extend the visual sense of the space, but also endow the building with a sense of fashion and technology. The entrance plays a good role as a storefront.


In order to achieve a harmonious coexistence between architecture and water, designers have found appropriate ways and materials: adding outdoor observation platforms to allow users to appreciate the romantic blue waves and water shadows, meeting the functional needs of visitors. At the same time, pixel landscape stones and water plants are used as media to break the linear texture of the building, connect the water surface and the building, and create a symbiotic state between organic nature and the building.



 New to the Stream 


Another important mission of a city is to awaken the enthusiasm of the people living here and pursue what they truly interest in—— Thomas Herzwick


Passing through the exhibition hall, what catches the eye is the "Shinkansen Fold Bridge" rising from the stream, with folded white linear railings on both sides of the bridge. The designer said that the inspiration for the bridge comes from the linear speed generated by high-speed rail racing, where time flies like a shuttle on a folding bridge.


At the end of the bridge is a formation of blue jacaranda trees, where the romantic blue and the white of the folded bridge complement each other.


The aesthetic value derived from the power of the scene creates a comfortable experience.


The sky dyed by the sunset serves as the background color, with white bridges and flowers reflecting on the water mirror. The light and shadow overlap, creating a natural beauty that is romantic. Every tired body, upon seeing this beautiful scenery, should be healed.


Standing on the landscape boardwalk formed by the broken line, the close-up view is a tropical palm forest with unique characteristics of Yuxi, belonging to the 24 ° north latitude atmosphere. The mid-range view is of elk leisurely basking in the sun on the "green carpet", and the distant view is opposite the broken bridge. If fortunate, meeting the person on the bridge and smiling at each other would bring warmth to the world.



 Enjoyment by the Stream 


The pride we measure is what it can bring to the locals and what it can provide feedback to our local environment—— Chris van Duyen


We hope that our design can inspire people to participate, and emotions can be nurtured and sublimated here. Under the blue jacaranda forest, there is a very interesting light and shadow wall. Touch the wall lightly, and the lights will light up accordingly. Children can release their desire to explore here, and adults can find their childhood responses here.


Walk and stop, under the cherry blossom forest, in this outdoor oxygen bar with friends and loved ones, feel the sunshine, feel the breeze, and chat about the fun of life.


Designers say


Looking at life scenes from a natural perspective, building a sustainable ecological park in a pure natural environment provides residents with a beautiful living scene that coexists with the stream. The Yuxi Bangtai Tianyu Exhibition Area starts from the "stream" and becomes its own scenery.



More real-life scenes of Yuxi Bangtai Tianyu Region

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