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About 100L of algae and about 1.2 cubic meters of water mixed after about 5 days of breeding time, spending about 200 degrees of electricity, produced about 1 ton of algal liquid, absorbed about 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide, the value of microalgae cultivation is about 3000-5000 yuan.


Microalgae have extremely high photosynthetic efficiency and growth rate, therefore they have strong carbon sequestration characteristics and are widely used in industries such as aquaculture, cosmetics, and food. At the same time, it plays a crucial role in carbon neutrality. We hope to incorporate microalgae into the field of architectural landscape by landscape, surface, and decorative attachment to existing buildings.


Against the backdrop of global carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, And under the opportunity of the 2023 Chengdu Flower Exhibition, therefore, Aobo Landscape, Leading design and implementation, Integrating microalgae into landscape design, The microalgae experimental garden was born.

01/初见  First Sight


From a distance, the cracked and unique uneven hills made of rammed earth on the periphery are eye-catching in their rough shape. Secondly, the pipes in the shape of “AOBO” from the outside extend all the way to the inside, forming a unique landscape garden with the internal shape, giving the overall impression of an oasis in the desert.


Underneath its seemingly rough exterior, there is a unique vitality hidden. This is our microalgae experimental garden, standing in a seemingly barren desert, contributing its own strength to the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

02/走进  Walk Into


Follow a small stone path connecting the inside and outside to reach the inner green world. Here, the first thing that catches your eye is the crisscrossing green algae pipeline, which stands beautifully above the natural water landscape created by six water bowls. This oasis seems to have a mysterious charm, arousing people’s curiosity and wanting to delve deeper into its beauty.


The interior of the water landscape is mainly composed of two types of aquatic plants, water lilies and lotus seeds, while the exterior is supplemented with plants such as Jinhe and Liangjing Ligustrum lucidum, fruit orchids, and wood hydrangea to decorate the entire interior oasis space. Among them, small fish and shrimp can be cultured in six water bowls that have been purified through microalgae pipelines and operating systems.


In this microalgae experimental garden, microalgae use compacted soil simulating deserts as carriers and pipelines as veins to form a landscape garden with green algae as the theme. Not only can you relax your body and mind here, but you can also gain a deeper understanding of the ecology and growth environment of microalgae.

03/深入 Penetrate Into

恍如仙境 Like a fairyland


The mist forest system configured in the microalgae experimental garden not only increases air humidity to provide a suitable growth environment for flowers and plants, but also adds a soft hazy feeling to the garden, giving people a sense of confusion.


When playing in the garden, the mist from the Mist Forest system in the garden emits, and strolling through it is like strolling among the clouds, as if entering a mysterious fairyland. At this moment, a gentle breeze blew by, and the mist also drifted with the gentle breeze, making people feel as if they were in a fairy tale like fairyland, isolated from the real world, with only fresh air and a wandering mood.

动的眼睛 Moving eyes


As a carbon neutral demonstration park garden project, a unique and interesting dynamic moving eye device is installed at the entrance of the park to attract people to actively learn about the microalgae experimental garden. When someone approaches the eye sensing device, it will follow their movement, arousing people’s interest and making them involuntarily want to walk into this wonderful garden and learn more about the garden.

会呼吸的微藻 Breathable microalgae


Microalgae grow silently and are one of the oldest organisms on Earth, as well as the most effective carbon capture and storage. In the microalgae experimental garden, pumps are used to promote the movement of microalgae in pipelines, increase the area of photosynthesis, and promote the growth of microalgae. In the process of movement, the green spots dotted in the pipeline are like the figures of microalgae dancing in the light, scattered and beautiful.


At night, under the illumination of light, these tiny creatures refract weak and magical fluorescence through the light, like fluorescent rods standing vertically on the ground. In this garden, microalgae dance with the rhythm of the light in the darkness, giving people a wonderful and charming feeling. This scene makes people cannot help but marvel at the magical optical properties of microalgae, and also demonstrates the mysterious charm of microalgae growing silently.


This timeM Microalgae experimental garden, Won the 2023 Chengdu Flower Exhibition Golden Lotus Award And China Park Association Exhibition Park Technology Achievement A+Level Award, It is an ideal mode of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature Integrating microalgae farming into landscape design, Bringing a vibrant green space to the city. here, Microalgae are no longer just research subjects in the laboratory, But it has become a beautiful scenery in the city,next, Please enjoy the video version of the microalgae experimental garden.


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